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Rug 5583
The Parting
a Germantown Revival Tapestry
Mae Clark

Mae Clark is one of the most prolific and creative master weavers working today and she has once again amazed us with her latest creation, a touching vignette of a mother bidding farewell to a departed child., seen here as a hummingbird hovering near the face of the veiled female figure.  In one of the pictures below,  you can see the composition hanging in our gallery.  Mae was inspired by the art of the late Michaelis Burnham, who often used the the hummingbird in his work.  One of Michaelis’ hummingbird drawings is just to the right of Mae’s weaving in the picture taken in the gallery. and in a detail picture below.

Mae often writes poems to accompany her weavings and she has given us permission to publish the verse that expresses her thoughts on this piece.

The Parting
I thought I would stop by and explain….
To stand outside and see beyond the hills
and I say to you
I’ll always be near your heart, not far from your thoughts
Please don’t let me be your burden,
I shed a tear
To see my family, missing me
I am here with no blame
I stand beside you forever
Take my hand and let me be your strength
Talk to me and each other
You’re still a family, take mothing for granted
Love and cherish each other through hard times
Through the song we sang and the prayer
We prayed, you will remember my teachings
I leave you with this thought…
You made me the kind of person I was, nevertheless
You will never know the impact you made on my life
You made it a beautiful place, my family
I’ll be alright.

Length: 48″
Width:  36″
Yarn: Burnham’s Germantown 3-ply yarn
Dyes: Aniline
Price $3600.00

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