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Larissa Blake

Larissa Blake wove this dramatically striking Burntwater rug about four years ago when she was 17 years old.  At the time, the color combination was very unusual, but now collectors have warmed to this colorway and it’s one of the more popular palettes for Larissa and the other Spider Rock Girls.  Larissa is part of the second generation of the Yazzie-Malone-Blake family and has been weaving since she was in elementary school.  Now 21, she is living in Las Vegas but comes home regularly to catch up with family and friends and to replenish her supply of yarns.  She has used a large number of vegetally dyed yarns in this striking composition, which is a very pleasing balance of open space and design complexity.

  • Length: 62″
  • Width: 38″
  • Yarn: Burnham’s Trading Post #1
  • Dyes: Vegetal
  • Warps per inch: 8
  • Wefts per inch: 34
  • Price: $2195.00

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