Magic Burntwater Carpet by Ella Mae Nez

Weaver Ella Mae Nez with her latest weaving inspired by her serivce in the Middle East.

In 2009, Ella Mae Nez amazed us with an enchanting Burntwater rug based on Persian carpet patterns that she had photographed during her tour of duty in Iraq.  The rug won Best in Class at the 2009 Inter-tribal Ceremonial.  Today, she came in with a sister to it that is every bit as amazing, but is larger by about one third.   It is woven with Burnham’s Wilde and Wooley Trading Post yarn in size 1 and is 76 inches wide (7 feet, 4 inches) and 102 inches long (8 feet, 6 inches).   It is an intricate double diamond pattern beautifully bordered with medallions in pink, blues, violets and literally dozens of coordinating colors that merge in Ella’s vision to create a unique blend of Navajo weaving heritage with the textile traditions of the Middle East.  It is a testament to the ability of the Navajo people to recognize, treasure and create beauty no matter where they find themselves in the world

You can see the rug on the floor of our gallery below with Ella Mae and her son seated on the gallery couch to provide some scale.  It is completely floor worthy with an appropriate pad.  Please contact us if you would like additional pictures and we’ll get them right out to you.   The rug is priced at $17,500 and is available for purchase through our online store.

Ella Mae Nez Rug on Gallery Floor[like]