Vicky Blair and Virginia Burnham

Vicky Blair (left) and Virginia Burnham flash their bidder numbers at Saturday's Friends of Hubbell Auction.

Last Saturday’s Friends of Hubbell Native American Arts Auction was nothing short of a standing room only, no holds barred success as 450 lots of exquisite original art were presented to the audience.  There was a very low percentage of no-sale items and Friends of Hubbell reported an estimated sales total of just under $200,000,  not quite a record but tantalizingly close.  We have selected the pictures for an album presentation for you and will have them posted later this week when the captioning is completed, but we had to post this great picture of Vicky Blair and Virginia Burnham right away!

We’ll be trying to help the Friends of Hubbell break that record again on September 17, 2011.  If you’d like to stop by and help us, click here for more details on the auction.

Once again, ahé’hee (thank you from the bottom of our hearts).