Vintage Storm Pattern

A handsome vintage Storm Pattern variant with unusual vegetally dyed yarns.

On behalf of the Smoki Mueum, the weavers and other consignors at last weekend’s Winter Navajo Rug Auction, we would like to say “Ahé’hee”, which means thank you in the Navajo language.  The auction was well attended and bidders were enthusiastic about many of the offerings.  Because of the number of historic homes and pioneer families in the area, this auction always has a higher than average number of interesting vintage weavings and this one was no exception.  Buyers were also tempted by very high quality pieces by artists like the Spider Rock Girls, Farah Nez and Geneva Shabi.  Work of this caliber is not often available in an auction venue, but weavers are finding that auctions are a means of finding a market for their work during the slower winter season.  We’re glad to provide this opportunity for both the weavers and buyers.

We’ll have a full gallery of pictures available by Thursday, but below you’ll see our auction team after Saturday’s event! We’ll soon be gearing up for the Friends of Hubbell Native American Arts Auction on May 14th.

R.B. Burnham and Co. Native Auctions Team

From left, Bruce, Austin, Ashley, Hank, Virginia, Vicky, Kary and Sheri