Hank Blair, Al Grieve, Bruce Burnham and Bill Malone

From left, Hank Blair, Al Grieve, Bruce Bunham and Bill Malone at the Traders and Their Neighbors event at the Navajo Nation Museum on October 10th.

We know we’re in a business that’s different from many, and in our line of work our competitors are some of our closest friends.  That’s even more true of trader Bill Malone, who was critically ill during the summer.  Bill’s now in recovery mode and back at work part time.  Last weekend, Bruce attended a traders’ reunion event in Window Rock that recognized Bill with a celebration lunch and a “Welcome Back from the Brink” cake (see below).

Welcome Back from the Brink cake for Bill Malone

Bill Malone celebrates his recovery with a "Welcome Back from the Brink" cake.

Personally, we can’t imagine the Native American arts market without Bill and we’re glad that we don’t have to!  Keep up with the recovery Bill; we’re thrilled to see you.