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Have you got a minute? A (short) story from Bruce

September 8, 2008 | Comments Off on Have you got a minute? A (short) story from Bruce

Once in a while you’ll hear someone ask Bruce a question and he gets kind of a twinkle in his eye that lets you know that the answer involves a really good story and he’s about to tell it. Sometimes it takes an hour, but this one is only about a minute and fifteen seconds long. We were taking pictures of rugs for the web site and Bruce mentioned that he considered this rug a Storm Pattern variant. “Really????”, we said, and then he got the twinkle in his eye so we put the camera on the video setting….

[media id=10 width=320 height=240]

You’ll see the rug on the gallery page in the next day or so, but contact us if you can’t wait. If anyone has one of the flour sacks that Bruce is talking about, we’d love to see it.


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