Legend tells us that the Navajo were taught to weave by Spiderwoman. The first loom was fashioned by Spiderman using clam shell, jet, turquoise, abalone, rain and lightning. Weaving has been passed down through Navajo families for hundreds of years. Although most weaving is done by women, there have always been male weavers. Ann Lane Hedlund of the Arizona State Museum estimates that there are approximately 25,000 active Navajo weavers today.

Those who say that Navajo weaving is a dying art are very mistaken. The art form is changing and evolving, yes, but it is in no way vanishing. Bruce and Virginia have been trading rugs for more than 30 years and in that time they have helped to develop several distinct rug styles including the New Lands Raised Outline, Burntwater, Germantown Revival and Spider Rock. Bruce was even cajoled into trying his hand at weaving when the weavers complained that he shouldn’t be criticizing the rugs since he didn’t have any idea how they were woven. His finished sampler has a “mistake” that he used so consistently that one of the weavers asked him how he did it so that she could incorporate it into her rugs.

Many area families have generations of weavers who trade their rugs through Burnham’s and if you visit our rug gallery, you are likely to meet one or more weavers who have come in to trade, buy some wool, or just to say “Ya’at’ééh” (Hello!). Bruce and Virginia have worked very hard to provide support for the weavers by stocking yarns spun specifically for Navajo weaving, Germantown yarns, and vegetally dyed yarns. They also carry hard-to-find weaving tools, warp yarns, and other weaving supplies. If you don’t see the style of rug that you are looking for, please drop us a line. We may have one, or may be able to have it woven for you. On this page you will see a sample of the rugs that are in our gallery now. We are making every effort to keep our web page up to date with items that are in stock, but all items are subject to prior sale. Please contact us if you have questions on any of the rugs.

Rugs previously featured.  New listings are on the way!
Emily Malone Four in One Teec
Four in One Teec Nos Pos
Emily Malone
Rug 5732
J.B. Moore Old Style Crystal Pictorial Storm Pattern Variant
J.B. Moore Storm Pattern Variant Pictorial
Weaver Unknown
Rug PH-202
Rug 5554 Burntwater by Maggie RoanCZ
1980’s Vintage Burntwater
Maggie Roan
Rug 5554