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Emily Malone Four in One Teec

Rug 5732
Four in One Teec Nos Pos Emily Malone 

In this very special Four in One Teec Nos Pos design, master weaver Emily Malone has used yarns custom spun and dyed in Oaxaca to achieve a unique effect in a very innovative design.  Each of these rug designs could stand by itself, but in combination they create a  This larger rug is instantly recognizable as Emily’s weaving, though,  not only because of her style and because of her hallmark, a large feather which appears in the lower hand corner of the rug, just outside the picture at left. The complexity and density of the design are truly amazing. Although it looks great on the wall, this weaving is completely floorworthy with an appropriate pad.

Emily is a full time weaver who has taught all of her daughters how to weave. She is a member of the famous weaving family known as the Spider Rock Girls.

  • Length: 84″
  • Width: 54″
  • Yarn: Custom spun Oaxaca hand-dyed
  • Dyes: Vegetal
  • Warps per inch: 9
  • Wefts per inch: 32
  • Price: $8400.00

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