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J.B. Moore Pictorial Storm Patern Variant 

Rug PH-202
J.B. Moore Old Style Crystal Storm Pattern Variant Pictorial (C. 1910-1915)  

This rare J.B. Moore Old Style Crystal weaving dates to the period when Moore was selling rugs through his catalog and actively working with the weavers in the area of Crystal, New Mexico to develop what we now know as the Storm Pattern rug.  This early pictorial shows its clear relationship to the classic Storm geometry, but is uniquely woven with Ye’i, horny toad and bird pictorial elements.  This rare piece is in good condition, but should be considered as a wall display due to age and rarity.   It is woven from handcarded and handspun churro yarns.  The dyed yarns appear to have been colored with aniline dyes.

  • Length: 70″
  • Width: 45″
  • Yarn: Handcarded, handspun churro
  • Dyes: Aniline
  • Price: $25000.00

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