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Rug 5554 Burntwater by Maggie Roan

Rug 5554
1980’s Vintage Burntwater Maggie Roan

The late Maggie Roan lived in the Chambers area, about five miles from our trading post and was noted for her Wide Ruins and Pine Springs patterned weavings.  This rug-in-a-rug masterpiece was completed late in her 30 year weaving career, in the 1980′s.  Maggie was using some commercial wool and roving by this time, but she was still doing most of her own vegetal dyes using the local plants.  Navajo tea, dock root, indian paintbrush, mistletoe and juniper are easily identifiable and Maggie also probably used sagebrush as well.  The rug is in pristine condition and is just different enough from the pieces being woven today to be distinctive.  Maggie’s work is held by the Heard Museum as part of the Read Mullan Collection.  The collectability of Maggie’s work and the expert execution of the weaving are reflected in the price.

  • Length: 60″”
  • Width: 44″
  • Yarn: Re-spun commerciald
  • Dyes: Vegetal
  • Warps per inch: 9
  • Wefts per inch: 42
  • Price: $11,995.00

Please remember that there is a wide variation in the way monitors render color. We will be glad to mail you detailed photographs, and we will discuss approval/refund terms for your purchase. We understand that a rug is a major purchase, and we are committed to your satisfaction.

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