Louise M. Cly rug

A large 8'x12' Klagetoh Red design by Louse M. Cly

The fall Friends of Hubbell Native American Arts Auction last Saturday marked a full ten years of sales that have combined to bring over two million dollars to participating Native American artists.   Prior to the auction, the Friends announced five $1,000 scholarship awards to help students complete their college educations.  The auction also saw the sale of several pieces created by students as a means of providing funds for school.  Notably, Spider Rock Girl LaVera Blake sold a beautiful Double Diamond Burntwater rug to help finance her nursing school expenses.   We’ll have a picture of it in the gallery of auction pictures that we’re working on.

The range of work that is produced for this auction is amazing and it included items that were produced for the recent Santa Fe Indian Market, Gallup Inter-tribal Ceremonial and the Navajo Nation Fair.  Some pieces had prize ribbons attached attesting to the recognized artistic skill of their makers.  One of the show stopping itemss was the 8’x12′ rug by Louise M. Cly that you see above.   It is very rare in today’s market to see a rug of this size woven because of the time and the cost of materials involved and we were sorry that the didn’t find a buyer immediately at the $19,000 asking price.  We hope that this magnificent rug finds a home soon, joining the many pieces that were sold.

The auction audience was thrilled with the opportunity to meet  five of the surviving Navajo Code Talkers.    They spent the afternoon graciously talking with the public, signing autographs and accepting donations for the proposed Code Talker’s Museum.  You can read more about this worthwhile project at navajocodetalkers.org/the_museum.  The Code Talkers site also includes interesting narration by Code Talker Keith Little and is well worth a visit and your support.  As you may be able to see from the picture below, the audience made quite a few additions to the association’s donation jar during the course of the afternoon.   It is nearly impossible not to be overcome with emotion as you realize the enormity of the contribution made by these modest and courageous men and by all veterans and members of our Armed Forces.

Navajo Code Talkers

Five of the surviving Navajo Code Talkers attended the sale to raise awareness and donations for the proposed Code Talkers Museum

Our auction schedule continues on October 3 with the 3rd Annual Cortez Cultural Center Navajo Rug Auction in Cortez, CO.   As you can tell from the Friends of Hubbell event, you never know what will happen, who you will meet or what treasure you will find.