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We are very pleased and excited that our auction coming up in Phoenix on March 3 will feature a very high end private collection.  We know that many collectors will want see the offerings as soon as they can so we’ll be opening the preview at 1:oo PM rather than 3:00 PM on the day of the auction.  Featured artists are

  • Hopi carvers Loren Philips, Horace Kayquptewa, C.L. Cleveland, Hoanaie, Neil David and Honyouti
  • Potters Dextra Nampeyo, Fannie Nampeyo, Hisi Nampeyo,Tonita Nampeyo, Loren Nampeyo, Sharon Naranjo Garcia and Featherwoman
  • Other original artworks by Redwing Nez, Kevin Quannie, Michaelis Burnham and Peter Ray James

We will doing an online preview of the auction starting next week, but we wanted to show you a couple of the pieces in advance so that you can get an idea of the quality of the work in this auction.

Look for much more next week and don’t forget to  stop by and see us at the Friends of Hubbell Auction in Tucson, February 18.  We’ll have more on that auction on Saturday with a picture of Marlowe Katoney’s latest weaving.  Can’t you just hear Bruce asking  “Alright now watryagonnagimeforit?”


BT Auction 24

Hover your mouse over the picture for a closer look.