Emily Malone puts her own slant on her Spider Rock rug with a unique center panel.

We concluded our auction schedule for the year with last weekend’s Pueblo Grande Museum auction.   Larger rugs were popular with the audience with a room sized  handspun and handcarded Traditional pattern by R.G. Sherman and a large 1980’s vintage Jennie Slick Wide Ruins rug going to new homes.  Master weavers Emily Malone and Gilbert Begay hit a popular note with the crowd with small (about 7″x7″) bags that offer a new way to extend (not to mention flaunt) your rug collection.  We expect to see more of these beautiful and functional weavings in the next year.

We’ve included pictures of a unique take on the Spider Rock rug by Emily Malone (above) and one of R.G. Sherman’s increasingly popular handcarded, handspun pound blanket weight floor rugs (below).


A handspun and handcarded rug by R.G. Sherman of Navajo Mountain.

We’re busy working on next year’s auction schedule and we’ll start posting events very soon.  In the meantime, thanks to all of you who attended our auctions this year!