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Custom spun specifically for Navajo weaving. This yarn resembles the handspun yarns used by Navajo weavers. Available in three weights to suit your project. Size 1 is approximately a worsted weight with about 212 yards per skein. Size 2 approximates a sport weight and has around 320 yards per skein. Size three is a laceweight yarn averaging 661 yards per skein. The yarn is sold by the skein and there may be slight variations in weight or yardage due to environmental factors such as humidity and the mechanics of commercial processing.

This yarn felts well, but is not intended for garments to be worn next to the body. Double click on the yarn color bar to see a zoom version of the colors, but remember that they are only an approximation due to variations in the performance of monitors.

Price: $8.00 per four ounce skein


How much weft yarn do I need?

  1. Take the width of your project in inches and multiply by 125%
  2. Multiply the result by the number of rows per inch that you weave.  This will give you the number of inches of yarn per inch of weaving.
  3. Multiply the result by the number of inches in your weaving.  This is the total number of inches of yarn you will need.
  4. Divide by 36 to get the number of yards you’ll need.
  5. Allocate the result based on the relative amount of each color you will use.
  6. You can’t have too much yarn, so don’t worry if you go over.

Example: 24″x36″ rug

  1. 24″x125%=30″ per row
  2. 30″per rowx40 rows per inch (or number of rows you weave per inch)=1200 inches per inch of weaving
  3. 1200″ x 36″ inches of weaving = 43200″ total for project
  4. 43200″ / 36″=  1200 yards of yarn needed or about six skeins of #1

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  1. Janean Easley on November 18, 2014 at 7:45 am

    I see 23 colors listed on the color card, but only 18 on the pull down menu. Some of the unavailable ones look important. Is there a plan to bring these back? Is there a volume discount available?

    Thank you,

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