Vegetal Colors

Local dye master Marie Begay dyes our Burnham Trading Post yarns in these wonderful colors plants available in our area.  These selection changes from season to season, so you may need to contact us for pictures of what we have.  Custom spun specifically for Navajo weaving. This yarn resembles the handspun yarns used by Navajo weavers. Available in three weights to suit your project. Size 1 is approximately a worsted weight with about 212 yards per skein. Size 2 approximates a sport weight and has around 320 yards per skein. Size three is a laceweight yarn averaging 661 yards per skein. The yarn is sold by the skein and there may be slight variations in weight or yardage due to environmental factors such as humidity and the mechanics of commercial processing. Because of the vegetal dye process used to produce the colors, they cannot be duplicated.  Please buy enough of each color to complete your project.

This yarn felts well, but is not intended for garments to be worn next to the body. Double click on the yarn color bar to see a zoom version of the colors, but remember that they are only an approximation due to variations in the performance of monitors.

Price: $10.50 per four ounce skein


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