R.B. Burnham & Company

Serving the Native People of the Southwest for Five Generations


We support our local weavers, and offer a wide selection of authentic Navajo rugs for sale and at auction.


We carry a wide variety of 100% authentic Native American jewelry, from pieces we acquired last week to pieces from the early 1900’s.


We specialize in supplying vegetal dyed wool, but also maintain a supply of factory blended natural colors and factory dyed aniline colors in all sizes.

R.B. Burnham & Co

Established in 1970

Our family has been trading with the native people of the Four Corners area for five generations. We are noted for our encouragement of innovation and quality in Navajo textiles. Browse our site for the finest in rugs, Navajo and Zuni jewelry, Navajo and Apache basketry, and other items.


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Open 10 AM - 4 PM (Mountain) Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday and holidays
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