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R.B. Burnham & Co

Established in 1970

R.B. Burnham & Co was established in 1970 in Sanders, AZ – a small reservation border town. In the mid-1980’s, it became better known as Newlands or Nahata’ Dzill for the relocation of the Navajo people who were ordered to move out of the Navajo/Hopi land dispute area.

Owners, Bruce & Virginia Burnham, and were working in the Dinnebito area.  As luck would have it, they were well acquainted with the relocates and it was an easy transfer for them to feel at home with the Burnhams.

R.B Burnham & Co is now working with some of the 4th generation of these people and it has been a good run for all of us. We are beginning our 26th year of conducting auctions. We find just as much pleasure in working with the grandmas as we do the pre-teens and the many artists of all ages.

Native American Rugs

Our area is known for the vegetal dyed weavings and we have been instrumental in the development of the Burntwater rug as well as the Newlands Outline (Coal Mine Mesa) style.

Native American Jewelry

We carry a wide variety of 100% authentic Native American jewelry, from pieces we acquired last week to pieces from the early 1900’s.

Wool Weaving Yarn

We supply the local weaving community with all types and sizes of weaving yarn. Our primary focus is on vegetal dyed colors that are dyed for us by some of our local weavers.


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