Native American Rugs

Authentic Navajo Rugs

Our area is known for the vegetal dyed weavings and we have been instrumental in the development of the Burntwater rug as well as the Newlands Outline (Coal Mine Mesa) style.

We were also brave enough to reproduce a German Town yarn and start a renaissance in that period (1860-1900) style of weaving, fringe and all. For those of you who are not familiar with that part of the history of weaving I would say that it became the most exciting period of design development in weaving.

Auction Consignment

Auction consignments are welcome!  Let us help you right-size your collection.  Whether it’s one item or an entire estate, we can help.

Looking for wool?

We specialize in supplying vegetal dyed wool, but also maintain a supply of factory blended natural colors and factory dyed aniline colors in all sizes.

Photo Gallery

Take a look through our collection of photos from some of our previous auctions.


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